The Forgotten Lessons of Yesterday

Long-Lost Survival Recipes and Cooking Tips from America's Pioneer Past:

...because the only way left to keep your family safe, avoid skyrocketing costs, and enjoy delicious food, is to go back to the tried-and-tested survival knowhow of our ancestors...

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The Forgotten Lessons of Yesterday

Forgotten Lessons Of Yesterday

Here's a Glimpse at What's Inside:


  • Discover The Secret Method To Safely Store Your Food for Up To 10 Long Years: Using this long-lost skill, you'll never have to worry about your food going bad again. I've basically used this method to build myself a nice little 6 months stockpile for only 235 dollars, and the best part is it involves absolutely no preservatives, just 100% natural processes, that our ancestors depended on, that are proven to work...
  • Know When Your Food Will Expire With 100% Accuracy: Because in a crisis the last thing you'll want is to throw away a perfectly good meal. That's why I'll reveal to you the simple test our ancestors used to know if their food was really good or bad. For example, do you know if it's safe to eat from a can that's frozen accidentally? Or when cloudiness in a jar is normal? Or when it's safe to scrape off the mold and eat what's inside? Because in a crisis these tests could make the difference between life and death...
  • Uncover The Best 30+ Survival Recipes and Cooking Techniques That Our Ancestors Used To Survive The Toughest Times In History: Very few people know these recipes, which aren't just delicious but also cheap to make. Passed down from generation-to-generation, including dozens of homemade goodies like cheese, yoghurt, and bread, including one long-lasting food that's been hiding under your nose. People use it all the time, but what they don't know is how to store it for long-term preservation. My grandmother said it was the #1 reason they didn't starve during the Great Depression, and it was even President's Reagan favorite dish...
  • Do You Know How To Field Dress And Gut An Animal, So That It Won't Ever Spoil? This skill is absolutely critical, or else you risk putting in a lot of hard work for nothing, risking your health... especially if the power goes down and you can't throw your meat into a refrigerator. For example, among other things, you'll discover how the Native Americans preserved a whole deer in the field without losing a single bit. Meaning you may hardly need your refrigerator at all...
  • Exposed: The Key Foods That Sustained Our Troops During The Bloody Battles And Long Campaigns Of The Civil War: allowing them to survive for months on end, such as battlefield cornbread, hardtack, johnnycakes, confederate biscuits and 5 more wartime food miracles. These foods are a great addition to any food stockpile because they are meant to last in worst possible conditions. In fact, some specimens have actually been found-still-edible! over 100 years later...
  • Save Up To $5,000 Dollars On Your Food Bill: Because we all know that the food giants are out to grab your cash... giving you only bland and unhealthy food in return. Bad deal, right? But our ancestors grew everything they needed, and spent money only on what they couldn't get on their own. While today, we've become so lazy and accustomed to Walmart trips, that we've forgotten there's another, healthier way. Which brings me to our final point...
  • What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You-Why What You Eat Is More Important Than Medicine: So, if you want to improve your health, stop looking at your pill dispenser and start looking at your kitchen table. I'll show you the exact foods our ancestors used that will boost your immune system, throw any chance of cardiovascular disease out the window, treat your diabetes and much... much more! Adding years to your life...

About The Author:

Lisa Cook is a survival food expert with over twenty years of experience, gained through hard toil on her farm in West Virginia, who wants to share her secrets with you today, to keep you out of trouble in a crisis, save you money, and guarantee you delicious food no matter what happens, just like our ancestors had during the toughest times in American history. That's why she's created this special guide, "The Forgotten Lessons of Yesterday".

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Bonus Report No. 1:

"How to Shield Your Pantry "


This handy guide will show you how to pack your pantry with delicious, long-lasting food. Guaranteed to feed you for months on end. Without ever spoiling. Not to mention showing you how to pick the very best location (avoiding problems like damp), which catastrophic situations to avoid (like how to stop a deadly outbreak of botulism!), and more. After all, it would be a huge waste of your time and effort to preserve, cook, and store so much food, just to have to throw it away, all because of just one silly mistake...

Bonus Report No. 2:

"How to Sidestep Starvation
by Gov't Regulation"

How to Sidestep Starvation by Gov't Regulation

This special report includes dozens of clever workarounds for how to grow your own food right under the government's nose. Including touchy (perhaps even semi-legal?) topics like urban gardening, how to use grey water, make your own compost, put up your own privacy fence, and even keep your own livestock, which could even positively impact tax rate. Everything's covered. So, whether it's to recapture our long-lost food independence, save money, or even Mother Earth, this bonus is definitely for you.

Bonus Report No. 3:

"Blackout Cooking 101"

Blackout Cooking 101

With or without electricity you'll still need to eat. Unfortunately, most of us don't have a clue how to cook without a modern-day kitchen. That's why we've assembled this off-grid cooking guide for you. Covering everything from haybox cookers, to solar ovens-even to how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner using only your car engine. There no limit to the ingenuity in this one. Meaning you'll never have to worry about eating raw, uncooked or poisonous food, with all the gut-bursting distress that could bring...

Bonus Report No. 4:

"How to Grow Your 'Shoebox' Garden"

How to Grow Your Shoebox Garden

Limited space will never hold you back... Because in this guide you'll learn everything you need to know about container gardening. Including raised beds, running planters, upside-down gardens, and more. Guaranteeing you an overflowing food supply even in the tiniest space. You don't even need a yard. Heck! You don't even need soil. All you need, is an open mind...

Bonus Report No. 5:

"The Real Shelf Life of Foods"

The Real Shelf Life of Foods

Whether you're stockpiling food, or simply buying groceries, it's important to know the real shelf life of your food. After all, the information on the packing is often misleading. Manufacturers, after all, want you to throw it away ASAP. Before it's spoiled. That way you'll be back sooner to buy more. But in this report, we'll tell you exactly how long many of your foods really last for, and explain some of the very best ways to tell if your food has gone bad, even if there are no visible signs. That way, you'll never have to worry...

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The Forgotten Lessons of Yesterday

Long-Lost Survival Recipes and Cooking Tips from Americ's Pioneer Past:

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